Services that we Offer

Operating Systems

Linux - UNIX

We offer support and consultancy in the following systems Debian GNU Linux - Ubuntu Linux - Ubuntu Server - REDHAT - Solaris - HP-UX - IBM AIX - SUSE Enterprise Linux - Windows Server - CENTOS.



ALV reports, data dictionary, validations in the BTE standard, Field Exit y User Exit, Expansions, Function Modules, BAPIS, Batch Input, Sapcript forms, SD module Support, HR forms.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Promotion

Use our Internet experience, promote your company and its services intelligently. With our creative boost your company gets the advertising expansion it needs to grow. Think globally with EnjoySistemas.

Early Alarm

Monitoring Systems

The platform and the investment in technology is something to take care of, that is why in our portfolio of services we offer, support and consulting in the following monitoring systems Zabbix - Nagios.


Cloud Computing

Our platform is at the order of the day, rent our computing resources for your BIG DATA projects, do all your processing and calculations in our cluster with Apache Hadoop (MapReduce) with R - Maven and Apache Spark support.


Consulting and Audit

Using sophisticated tools and products for security auditing and tracking suspicious activities within your platform. We offer our best procedures and practices to ensure the security of the IT infrastructure of your business.

Operational Technology

Network Services

To make sure that your operation is goin in par with the demand, we offer our expertise in the implementation and configuration of your business network services, SSH Server - FTP Server - DNS Server - NTP Server - Mail Server - NFS Server - WEB Server - SAMBA Server - PROXY Server - RSYNC Server.


Small and Big scale

Consulting and support for your backup projects. Transfer information using the best market solutions Bacula - RSYNC - CEPH.



We offer support and consultancy in the more robust database systems, Postgresql - Mysql - Oracle - HP VERTICA.

App Testing

Quality of Service

Using best practices and technologies run stress tests on applications that cover accurately and analytical software behavior evaluation . This allows you to verify the solidity and stability of the software for which you are betting.

IT Training

Improve your Skills

We offer training programs in the different enterprise technologies and tools from the Open Source panorama. Contact us.

High Availability

Redundant Services

We know how important effectiveness is within your technological operation. That is why we expertise with High Availability solutions like DRBD - DRBD-PROXY - Corosync - Pacemaker - CRM - Glusterfs.

Server Racking

Structured Cabling

We offer our expertise in creating computer networks using the best standards in structured cabling - server racking - network diagramming - network installation point - patch panel. Contact us.

Physical Security

Video Monitoring

Implementation and configuration of closed video circuits - surveillance cameras Internet accessible, so you can monitor the business operation and staff from distance.


Crypto Economy

Do you want to participate in the new economy based on Cryptocurrency, contact us. We advise you on every step of the deployment and configuration of stations.

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A bit About us

EnjoySistemas, born as a company with the aim to provide our customers with the best possible service in systems support, consulting and technology implementations related to your business and operation.